Saturday, 12 June 2010

Angkor: second day... The landmines.

After leaving a few drops of blood at the Children's Hospital, Ben and Miguelito head off on a second tour through the temples complex.

Guess what..?


United Colours...

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei, also known as the Citadel of the Women.
A 10th century Cambodian temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.
The Banteay Srei buildings themselves are miniature in scale, unusually so when measured by the standards of Angkorian Construction and are known for its elaborate carvings ornamenting and its red sandstone walls.

stone monkeys

Cheeky Boy

Taking a Masters of Science...
Arun, monk in Phnom Penh was visiting family for a day in Siem Reap and came with them to the temples. When I asked him what he was going to do with his degree he told me he wants simply to teach other people and pass on his knowledge. He was learning purely to teach.
He also know Cristiano Ronaldo... typical... they all do...

Behind the temple this group was producing beautiful relaxing traditional music...
They were 'special'. All of them were victim of the Land mines! Blind, legless, burned...
They were selling their own CD albums.

Miguelito bought a CD for his Memoires and guess what..? They included me in the group!
So I played a few songs and found a Gift!!!

This family would NOT stop taking pictures with Miguelito...
The guy in the middle was quite excited about it!
Seriously, he took over 10 pics with his camera.
I think he had a crush on me! How deep...

Vendor, trying to sell clothing by the temple.
Cambodian with Philippine roots. Sweet smile!

Cambodian People's Party

We stopped at The Cambodian Landmine Museum... in the middle of nowhere!
But a beautiful smile welcomed us!

How many mines do you think are still active in Cambodia..?

The answer is given by Aki Ra.
Aki Ra is the founder of the Museum.
He doesn't know what year he was born, his parents were killed by the Khmer Rouge and he fought along side with them. He planted thousands of landmines as a child...
Until he grew up and realise what he was doing wrong... Today, he is the greatest expert in de-activating landmines all over the country and he estimates he has cleared over 50.000 landmines!!!

How many mines do you think are still active in Cambodia..?

worth to read underneath...

What is common between Russia and USA..?

It is impressive the number of mines on display. All sorts of sizes and shapes! And what for..?

Pictures of Aki Ra de-activating landmines are displayed all over the walls as well as information about bombs mechanisms and how to do it yourself... DIY!!!
De-activate your own landmine and win a pack of Oreo cookies!!

Stories of a child who killed other children... and soldiers. A must read !!!

The palm tree fruit is melted on these large pans to produce a runny sugary liquid which turns solid when cold and is shaped onto rock hard drops and sweets. They are wrapped up and sold to visitors!
with good teeth...

very young mother...

Come again..?


At least he has got the helmet, right??

We had lunch at 5pm, finishing just on time to watch the sunset...

and she was trying to sell a bamboo flute... No thanks, I got mine already. Sold by Gia!!

watching the sunset...

After another long full day and a spare-no-expenses dinner at the guesthouse, the boys who work there (rather confident with us by now) tried to get us on a massage parlour and a night out on their own local spot...
Ben was out!! Not interested. But Dan was quite up for it...

Miguelito thought that after 2 long wearing days he could use a Cambodian massage, so he, Dan, Houn and Tohn went for it. Of course the boys would get a commission from the place for getting us there, but we were not really bothered this time.

We got on the Cambodian classic motorcycle ride: 3 people (me, Dan and Tohn) on it with no helmet on... ai ai ai... No biggie! It's cultural...
and safe...

So after a shitty expensive massage at this big 'fast-food like' massage parlour by a teenager who wasn't born to be a massager, Houn and Tohn wanted to go for a beer at this local place. As far as I was concern I was so tired I was happy with anything, although I could hear my bed calling out from the distance... But they insisted and were both quite motivated with the idea of a few drinks, so eventually we made it to this place...

We walked in the pitch dark till we get to a few huts where people were sitting inside and ordering drinks to the sound of Cambodian songs. It was alright! The boys were quite excited: no wonder, they were having drinks for free. Although they didn't ask it was obvious that me and Dan were going to be their sponsors. But they were excited too because it's not every day they get to go out with westerners!


Until the waitresses join in...
They would not speak a word in English or anything but were trying to get us to go clubbing out in town!
They were nice girls, but no thanks, after this I was going to Club Solo in my bed.
The boys translated to us they were not hookers, they were just the bar waitresses, but...
But..?? Is there a but here?? But... if we'd take them out clubbing and pay for their drinks... anything could happen!! LOL ... Classic...


Have a good night!!


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